Developing with CoreService

ZK Android devices are modified Android devices provided with some hardware features, such as Fingerprint and Card recognition, custom clock, etc… ZK Android team has created an API to interact with this devices and abstract as much as possible the low level interaction. To do so, we have created 3 main projects.

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ZK Android Architecture

There are three main projects in ZK Architecture that need to be known:

  • Helpers.
  • ZDK.
  • CoreService.


Helpers is a non-business-related library that contains some basic tools to develop in Java & Android, concurrency dealing, basic IO, GUI views, DB handling, automated validations, etc…


ZDK is the ZK business-related library, it provides all background interaction with CoreService to make transparent to the developer most of hardware, synchronization, authorization operations, DB centralization, etc… It has also ORM-like datatypes for the ZK T&A solution database, reports, data validations, data loaders, etc…


CoreService is a background service that interacts with the hardware, such as fingerprint, card reader, camera, etc…, creates and maintains a centralized database, synchronizes the data with the ZKProto server, provides . See CoreService guide

To continue, please check Tutorial.

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