Depending on your needs, we offer several possibilities for development on our Android devices:

  • Firmware development with Native SDK - With Native SDK you can access hardware and fingerprint algorithm directly by yourself. Please note these libraries are free of charge and we do not offer any support for them.
  • Firmware development with ZDK - ZDK is the ZKTeco library for Android devices, providing simplified interactions with hardware, synchronization modules, database handling, Java-like callbacks from hardware, and much more. This SDK is obsolete and actively replaced with a new one, please see below.
  • Firmware development with CoreService SDK - CoreService SDK is the simplest and fastest way to develop your business solution on our Android devices. This new SDK is the replacement for the old obsolete ZDK libraries.
  • PC software development with ZKProto - ZKProto solution provides a multiplatform protocol to synchronize data between clients, terminals and PC software alike. Note that ZKProto being DB-agnostic, it can synchronize your custom DB design and data too.

For professional developers interested in purchasing the development libraries, please contact us at: ZKTeco Purchase contact

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