Time and Attendance Solution

We provide optional Time and Attendance software solution in Biopad Android, allowing companies record and track attendance of employees. This solution is optional, so it can be part of the system or an stand alone one.

Although detailed explanation of this solution exceeds the scope of this documentation, here is a brief description of all integrated apps:

Attendance Events: Add, edit or delete attendance events as required.

Authority: Set ROLES (Contents setup options, enroller and supervisor) and assign Employee Authority as required.

Department: Build the department structure. Add/Edit/Delete department. Supports up to three-level department.

Employee: Add, edit or delete the basic employee information: enroll Pin, Name, Fingerprint, Card and Password; assign Department and Authority as required. To facilitate administrators to locate an employee quickly from a large number of enrolled employees, the device enables user query by Pin or Name. In addition, you can assign schedule for employee.

Message: Add or delete public or personal messages as required.

Reports: Calculating and view Attendance Report and Exception Log Report. You can download them to the pen drive and check on the PC.

Widget Template: Add, edit or delete widget template, create widget at this interface as required.Add, edit or delete widget template, create widget at this interface as required.

Work Code (Job number, task, project): Add, edit or delete work code as required.

Work Shift: Add, edit or delete DAY and SHIFT as required.

All data stored by this solution, can be synchronized between devices using our server architecture. If you are interested in developing your own applications, we provide you client and server libraries to create your own software platform. See Thrid-Party Development in the main menu.


  • 12 Main screen themes included.
  • 1 personalized theme.
  • Predefined widgets: Clock, punch attendance event, show calendar, open application, department transfer…
  • Work modes: Auto-switch, time-switch, fix event.
  • Supports camera.
  • Multiple authentication supported via RFID and/or Fingerprint and/or password.
  • Relay as Access Control (door) or external Bell switching included.
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