ZKTeco Architecture for Android covers:

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In this site you can find tutorials, news and much more ZK Software's related information.

Note that if you will develop your own apps in the device, ZKProto can synchronize your data automatically with minor changes.

ZK Protoserver

On the server side, ZK Protoserver is responsible of storing and synchronizing the data, also configuring zones, clients… It is an implementation of ZKProto on server side.

ZKProto Clients

ZK ProtoClients are an implementation of ZKproto on client side that allows calls to ZKProto Server operations. There are many clients implementations, and there is no limitation. Our better knowed clients implementation are in java for Android in Biopad Android but also part of our PC software is a client itself.

ZKProto related Software

It includes zk protoserver, also tools for monitoring like ZK Attendace log RT Monitor, ZK Client setup, or T&A middleware ZKTime.

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