Social Time and Attendance

ZKTeco wants its Time and Attendance software solutions be installed in all possible devices and technologies.

This ZKTeco Time & Attendance solution for Android devices (mobile and wearables) makes it easy for your employees to clock in and out of their shifts. App must be used with a valid user and password account. And using it joined to ZKProto server, allow an approach to a Social Time and Attendance integrating direct messages and document attachement.

It uses your employee's GPS location to ensure they are clocking in from an approved address.

You can also use to track payroll hours and to prepare data for payroll processing via your desktop computer.


  • GPS tracking.
  • Employee view: showing each amployee name, department…
  • Logs view: showing all events or your own events depending of the role.
  • Who is in company: Shows a view with today “work-in” events.
  • Messanging/Social: Allow direct messaging (only available using ZKProto). Also see other employees events depending on your role.
  • Includes roles: administrator, normal employee…
  • Search views: making really easy employee location.
  • Mode ZKproto offline: this mode allow auto-tracking of work for final users, like many really successed applications in Android/iOS market (even more than 100.000 downloads).
  • Actions: check-in/check-out.
  • Designed with android material standard using with android cards, float buttons model, elevations and a standard swipe menu.

Entering to App using https and oAuth2 validation

Green icon at employee view mark that event as tracked via GPS

Employee today shift:

Colleagues view: You can easily search an employee also rating an employee. Long pressing an employee, direct message view appears:

Messages views:

Actions linked to GPS location:

Mode ZKProto “offline”: This mode allow create an employee and work as a auto tracking app for end users. It not depends on ZKProto so social and synch features can't be used in this mode:

Solution without Optional device can be downloaded from:


Previously contact to our ZKReady agent to get credentials.

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