Biotime Web

Your Web Based Time Clock application for Android devices.

As ZKTeco is all about challenges, we one day asked ourselves…how to create a Plug&Play solution that smartly combines the basic principles of a Time Clock with the endless innovative possibilities that Android and Web technologies can offer? This is Biotime Web.

Biotime Web is based on our single underlying Biopad Android Time and Attendance firmware and offers a synchronised experience through a terminal and its own unique web browser. All together, a new and improved user experience with ZKTeco’s Biopads Android terminals! This online spec is a dynamic document that will continue to be updated as we continue to develop.


  • Synchronised Android terminal and web browser experience.
  • No software installation necessary on the PC. Biotime Web is a Plug&Play solution.
  • Online managing of your organization's structure: create departments and employees from BioTime Web.
  • Online events monitoring: visualize at Real Time all events in your company: check-in check-out etc.
  • Weekly, monthly, daily reporting: easily check worked hours of employees; also includes inconsistent data analysis and multiple filtering options.
  • Sorting and filter tables by employee, PIN…etc.
  • Exporting data to excel: All tables can be exported to excel allowing users to work with data on other systems.
  • Online device monitoring: Visualizes all capabilities and status of the Biopad Terminal.
  • Supporting different languages: EN, GR, FR, IT, ES, PT and much more.
  • Limited to 40 users, move to ZKReady to increase performance and limited users

Download the brochure at: biotime-web_-en_brochure.pdf

Brief tutorial


Version 1.1.2

In this version Biotime web includes messages module accesible from Employee menu. Now you can send a direct message to an employee, and this message will appears when employee check In/Out in terminal.

If you want send a message to an employee:

1.- enter in employee menu and select “send message” in contextual menu:

2.- Write and press “send message”

3.- Employee will recieve the message once checkIn/ out in terminal:

Older versions.

Version 1.1.1

In this version we have solved some small filtering problems we detected in previous 1.1.0 version in reports. Also we have integrated:

Overnight shift support:

We are proud to announce that webserver now considers special “overnight shifts” that are employees that start working late in a day and ends at the beginning of the next one. Check out this new feature in “Check reports module”.

As an example:

1.- We can now create special workday that starts at 19:00 and ends at 02:00 a.m. (Workshift app. at terminal). 2.- After we schedule that work day to an employee (that operation can be done directly in the terminal, Employee app). 3.- Employee during first day will make a check In at 19:00 of first day, then check Out at 02:00 of next day. 4.- Go to “Check reports”, filter by a date. In this example we have filtered from 03/04 to 04/04.

Resulting Check report:

Resulting exportation excel file:

As you can see during 04/april, Luis started working at 19:00. At 02:00 Luis he made the checkout according with his shift. Biotimeweb shows and consider this situation, shown as a extra info 05/april.

New languages supporting:

Now Biotimeweb supports polsky.

Version 1.1.0** includes many interesting UI and logic features

UI changes:

1.- “Creation mode” in attendance menu: created “manual attendance interface”.

2.- Fixed not appearing record after manual creation: Sometimes manual attendance didn't appears although it was created.

Logic changes:

1.- Employee filter: Attendances and reports menus: this feature allows unike employee selector.

2.- PIN field: now this filter selects unike eployee.

3.- Manual downloadable from webserver: in terminal info.

4 “Basic access”/“Full access”. Normal user VS Administrador. Basic access is for normal users and allow accessing to his current day logs. “Full access” is for users created as administrators and allow access to complete platform.

Launch webserver

  1. From your device, move to applications: Fig 1.
  2. Press “webserver” application and then press start: Fig 2.

As you can see in Fig 2., webserver is available at this url:

Update BiotimeWeb

Update your Biotimeweb to latest version is really easy. Between live releases, this documentation will be updated with the new features integrated. Also you can follow at realtime the develoment process and test new features at Development version

  1. Plug your device to ethernet.
  2. Move to applications(Apps): Fig 1.
  3. Press “System Settings” Tab.
  4. Move to “device information”.
  5. Press “update policy settings”.
  6. Press “Check for updates and install”.
  7. Wait until device restart.

If there wasn't any connectivity error, device will have updated to latest version. Before perform this process you can test latest version at:

Latest version


Home page

After logging successfully, you will find the following home page

frameless|x20px|border |
  1. Dashboard: Real time Monitoring.
  2. Department: Show department info, update or delete department.
  3. Employee: Show employee details like department, employee photo etc, also you can update or delete users.
  4. Attendance: Show attendance records chronologically in a simple view.
  5. Report:
    • Check Report: shows worked time balance per user.
    • Total attendance by period: Shows total worked time per user, analyze problems and group it daily, weekly or monthly.
  6. Info: Device/webserver information about number of users, fingerprint templates and device capabilities.
  7. Languajes: Supported languajes: english, spanish, german, french, chinese, portuguese, italian.

In the next sections, we discuss all this menus:



This Menu is a real-time monitoring which shows the daily log records, appearing last record on the top.

The record information is: PIN, Name, Last Name, Attendance Event (Icon), Date and Time. On the right side, you can find a green icon to export the list to excel file, also by coping and pasting from interface if you want keep screen format.


It shows all departments created in the terminal. We can add them also in the application by clicking in the icon “ADD NEW”


All employees are displayed on this menu. For each employee representative information is displayed as follows: PIN, Name, Last name, National ID department Login types, Employee detail, and a submenu connecting each employee with other parts of the aplication(reports etc.).

Login types shows in green colour the user information in the device, it means how user can be identified in the terminal.

Also is possible to access to employee card or visit “check reports”, “attendances” or “totally report” for each employee.

On the right side, you can see three Icons for create, delete, or export to excel. Also filtering employees by “PIN/code”, Name etc is available.

Employee detail

Pressing the employee card icon, user information is displayed as following:


Attendance screen will show all employee’s attendance records between selected dates. All attendance record includes its own specific attendance icon.

List can be filtered with the following options: User ID, Name, Last name, Date, Department and attendance event. After any filter modification click on search icon to refresh the screen.

Pressing any row of this table will display detailed attendance record screen where update/delete can be performed if needed.

Check report

Check report shows the total hours spent by single employee, related with his theoretical shift and displaying the resulting balance. That information appears on each row for a single day. At the end of the report appears summarized info for all selected period with:

  • Shift: it indicates the theoretical hours based on the current shift of an employee.
  • Worked: it indicates the real time spent by an employee.
  • Balance: the difference between theoretical and real hours.

This information can be exported to excel by pressing “export to excel” icon, also coping and pasting from interface if you want keep the screen format.

The detailed info of any attendance record can be accessed by pressing a row, then you will be able to update (change event, status etc) or delete the attendance if needed. All information will be “recalculated” after any modification.

Totally report by period

The Totally report by period screen will display the total hours worked by employee. You can set same filters as attendance screen but on this screen, you also can short by “Daily”, “Weekly” and “Monthly”. Always on the right side you will find a green icon to export to excel, also by coping and pasting from interface if you want keep screen format. If you see a red tagged line with the status “REVIEW”, it means there is an error in the report which probably will be there is missing log record to make the calculation. You can click on view detail icon to see details and create manual record if needed to get total hours. Also yo can order report by employee, date..etc

  • Daily report:
  • Weekly report:
  • Monthly report:


This menu shows in a graphic way the real time use of memory, device disk space, and useful information like:

  • Webserver Version
  • Device Serial number
  • Terminal firmware version


Biotime Web can be purchased with our integrated Time & Attendance firmware.

Please contact us at: ZKTeco Purchase contact

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