**What you can build**

Build a js client that consumes a RESTful webservice . Specifically, the client will consume the service created REST like Web Service with CORS.

The client will be accessed by for example index.html file in your browser, and will consume the service accepting requests at:


The service will respond with a JSON representation with employees:

{“id”:“1”,“first_name”:“Tom”, “pin”:2,“department”:{“_id”:“5”,“name”:“Technology”},“last_name”:“Smith”}


The service will respond with a JSON representation with all attendace logs:


The client will render this information into the DOM, or move this information to another kind of architecture: process it and the save into your own database…etc.

What you will need

  • ZPAD Terminal or PC with our Android Virtual Machine based implementation, and our webserver solution.
  • About 15 minutes
  • A text editor
  • An internet connection

Real example


Biotime Web can be purchased with our integrated Time & Attendance firmware. Also PC solution can be explained and purchased here:

Please contact us at: ZKTeco Purchase contact

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