ZKProto Server

ZKProto defines 2 types of server:

  • Sync server: controls and performs all DB synchronization.
  • Control server: provides information about and allows configuring sync server (i.e. currently connected clients).

Setting Up

ZKTeco provides a ZKProto server implementation in Java 7 for PC (fully tested in Windows and Linux). This section is going to describe how to setting up server.

Software requeriments


  • (Optional) Install pgAdmin (PGSQL client GUI interface).
  • Configure PGSQL to allow login with user “postgres” and password “postgres” (see here for more details)
  • Create a DB called zkprotodb in your PostgreSQL server.
  • Execute the following scripts in zkprotodb:
    1. server_zkprotodb_create.sql: It creates zkproto schema with zone, client, client2zone…tables
    2. (Only if you have ZK Time and Attendance solution)server_create_zone.sql: It creates zkproto Time & Attendance schema with employee, attendance_event, events and all tables related with Time&Attendance platform in order to synchronize them.
  • Execute server jar:
     java -jar zkprotoserver-v.jar  


Default ports

Default ports for control and sync server are defined to create socket communication with each (control/sync) processes. In this way:

  • Control server default port: 4373
  • Sync server default port: 4372 (this is the port you need to configure in sync clients, like our Time and Attendance solution for BioPad Android)
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