ZKProto Rest Server

ZKProto Rest Server is a Restful Web Service implementation which replicates ZKProto Server database and provides data synchronization using Sync Server Client.

Authorization and Permission

ZKProto Rest Server uses OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework standard for authorization.There are two kind of permissions which are:

  • Administrator: It provides management operations such as not only creation but also deletion Clients and Users.
  • Normal User: It just provides performing queries on database.


There are two kind of basic operation logics such as:

  • Business Related: It refers data model operations.Employee creation,validation,deletion operations can be given as examples
  • None Business Related: None Business Related operations are not restricted with data model.It means operations can be performed on any data model.For example,It is enough to give table name for getting all related data.

In addition to the this,generic queries ,which were already defined in system, can be performed with using named parameters if it needs parameter for execution.Otherwise it is enough to give generic query's name for execution.

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