Android T&A Solution is our embedded firmware installed in Android devices (ZPADs)

ZKProto is our synchronization system.

Enjoys versatility and possibilities of our “All in one solution” (formerly known as ZKReady), which are nothing more than plug & play product including both Android Time and Attendance firmware and ZKProto synchronization system without previous knowledge of embedded system design. All in one solution, all in one optional device, ready to be used, ready to go!

Integrated Parts

As part of the ZKTeco ecosystem, we provide in a “all in one” model:

It really easy to optimize the product design by vertical scaling adapting its capabilities (RAM, HD, …etc) to your company requeriments.


Especially suited to enjoy Time and Attendance firmware from PC or in “online context” via Web. It is perfect for customers looking for a all in one Time and Attendance solution. It provides you with an OS built on, autostarted system to get you to production quickly.

*The product without device consist on both Virtual Machines (Android Time and Attendance and ZKProto) to be running in any other SO / IT compatible infrastructure.


Please contact us at: ZKTeco Purchase contact


Solution without Optional device can be downloaded from:


Previously contact us at: ZKTeco Purchase contact to get credentials.

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